Caethan Republic

The expansionist Caethan Republic is the first of its kind, a land ruled not by those of noble birth or religious leaders, but by those who represent the free people of Caethan. In its 700 years of existence, the Republic has faced threats both internal and external to its radical form of government, and the Republic has, with great regret, been forced to find ways to ensure the glory and freedom of the Republic continues.

Caridran was once one of the most extravagant kingdoms on the continent. At least, for its bloated, decadent upper class. For the rest of the people of Caridran, it was a life of rough serfdom. Very few freemen existed in Caridran; those who did were merchants who catered mostly to the upper class. The craft and service guilds were oppressed by the nobility and the military, which mostly consisted of the Green Knights and their armsmen. The Green Knights themselves held large amounts of power, and rarely held accountable for their individual actions (Green Knights paid no weregild for killing, abusing, or any other crime against the common people of Caridran)

After being pulled into a costly war between successors to the throne of the Empire of Luminairre, the people of the Kingdom of Caridran had finally had enough. The serfs rallied under the united banners of the guilds and unions that had so long oppressed, and overthrew the ruling class. The Green Knights had suffered terrible losses in the war previous, and had little chance of ending the rebellion. Those knights that survived did what they could to rescue the remaining nobility and fortified themselves in the southeast region of Caridran, now known as Theurlow.

Facing growing threats to the new-found Republic, the Chancellery conscripted all available citizens of the Republic, and waged a war of expansion against their neighbors, winning victory after victory. At home, growing discontent was blamed on outside agents and royalist sympathizers, and the Revolutionary Morale Commission was formed to keep the free people of the Caethan Republic safe from Counter-Revolutionary forces.

It took the combined efforts of Luminairre and Davinguard to keep the Republic Army from taking Theurlow from the surviving royalists, an act which has soured relations between Caethan and its neighbors since. The treaty was eventually overturned, and Caethan resumed its war against the royalists in Theurlow, but the time bought by the treaty was enough for Theurlow to fortify itself appropriately. Further, Caethan could no longer commit all of its forces to the war effort, now having to devote troops to its borders as well as assisting the Revolutionary Morale Commission in keeping order within Caethan itself.


Caethan Republic

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