Davinguard was once known as the Empire of Reimal. It was a trading ground and meeting place where the human nations interacted and learned from the elves of Qual-Evan, who had helped them in overthrowing their Hisskarssi overlords. As the influence of the Hisskarssi waned, more and more humans settled in the west within and near Reimal, if only for mutual protection against the dragon-men.

During the Demon War, many of the nearby nations were overrun by the armies of darkness. Reimal suffered as well, losing much of its leadership, but it managed to stand strong against the orc and demon armies. After the battle of Linwood, the armies of Reimal actually managed to turn the tide of the western front in the Demon War. After the war was over, the people of Reimal decided to rename the nation Davinguard after a human hero in the battle of Linwood.

Davinguard is still a melting pot of cultures, a place to find elven crafts, arcane universities, fine liquors, and human dance and bardic colleges. It was the birthplace of the arcane university, where multiple students learned from a series of instructors, rather than the classical master/apprentice relationship.

Davinguard has almost always held solid diplomatic relations with the nations close to it. One of its strongest relationships was with Endaril. It was in Endaril where the armies of Davinguard stopped the expansion of the Caethan Republic and helped keep the Caethanians at bay for the past seven centuries.

Davingaurd is also one of the nations of the Shield Alliance, a mutual defense pact to keep the forces of the Blood Plains contained. Currently, though, Davinguard is finding itself stretched. Even with the support of Luminairre in the south, the forces of Davinguard are slowly being pushed back by the orcs of the Blood Plains, while Qual-Evan is occupied holding back the Dalerians in the north and bandit raids from Endaril in the east. Davingaurd is weakening at an unprecedented rate.

To make matters worse, Davinguard’s relationship with Endaril has deteriorated rapidly. Endaril used to provide food, armor, and leather at a fair price to Davinguard and the rest of the Shield Alliance. Since the Blight manifested several years ago, Endaril has not even been able to produce enough food for itself. The people there have grown desperate, and citizens of Endaril have resorted to banditry and piracy on their Davinguardian neighbors. Davinguard has been patient with these threats, but tensions continue to rise.



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