Jagdanachtarsil. The Empire of the Dark Elves.

For twenty millennia after their expulsion from the Silver Woods, the tribes and city-states of the Jagdaani warred with each other over control of the resource-rich Northern Darkspire Mountains and the fertile lands to the east.

This ended with the formation of the Empire under Dracnus, and the united effort to open the Gates of Hell. With their success, the continent was thrown into chaos. The orc and demon armies of the Dark Watchers seemed unstoppable, especially with Dracnus himself as the high commander. For a hundred and fifty years, war on a scale never seen before or again tore apart the lands of Ondoron.

The sudden fall of Dracnus, and the heroic efforts of Brighton Luminairre, and the archseraphim Telarus and Duverick in closing the Gates of Hell nine years later brought an end to the Dark Elven Empire’s golden age.

In the aftermath, the Empire fell apart once more into scattered, infighting factions, a state of affairs that lasted for nearly another forty millennia. When the Jagdaani finally reunited, they led a successful campaign westward to the sea. Unfortunately, the armies that went west split off from Imperial rule and signed an armistice with the Federation of Human Nations. The human land of Kareltha, which had allowed the dark elves to march through, remained under control of the splinter faction of dark elves in Varenreicht.

With Dracnus’s return, the might of the Jagdanachtarsil has brought chills of fear to the hearts of all in civilized lands. The few military excursions Dracnus has used his troops in since his return have been overwhelming victories, but it is his restraint that has been the talk of the lands of the west. Rumors that Dracnus might be appeased have begun to spread, weakening any talks of an alliance like the one that was needed to break the unstoppable armies of the Jagdanachtarsil the last time Dracnus walked Ondoron…



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