Kordin Imperium

The Kordin Imperium is the major naval power of the northern seas, and the primary counter to the piracy of the Minotaurs of Minosa and the orcs of Skorin.

Kordin directly controls the lands of Illean, Narthal, Zindaril, and Takur. Uralt and Astrala are “protectorates” of the Imperium as well, a situation that currently benefits all involved.

While the royal family is technically in charge of Kordin, the real power in Kordin is the church of Vagrius. The Kordin branch of the Vagrian church has pushed for the expansion of the Imperium, and the exploitation of the resources of the lands under Kordin’s control.

Maintaining control of the Rhystall Sea is a costly endeavor, but Kordin currently has the resources to pull it off, at least for the present.

After Turalyon’s Folly and the formation of Tyraloch, the Kordin Imperium attempted an invasion of Rhystall. It had appeared to be an easy target, and with Kordin controlling the sea and Jagdaani at their backs, it seemed like Rhystall would fall quickly. It was a surprise when Dracnus intervened and supported Rhystall without the use of Jagdaani troops. Faced with this new, surprise variable, Kordin agreed to Dracnus’s terms for the bloodless withdrawal of Kordin troops.

While Kordin has yet to declare for any particular side in the coming conflict, being denied Rhystall by Dracnus has likely set them against any open cooperation with the Jagdanachtarsil Alliance for the time being.


Kordin Imperium

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