Old Din'Garreth

At one point in time, early in the history of Ondoron, Din’Garreth was one of the most wealthy and powerful human nations in the known world. People came from across the known world to visit the sacred pools of healing, the oracles, and the divine guidance to be found near the Gate to Heaven.

All this changed after the Insurrection of Heaven. The divine energies that blasted out from the gate utterly destroyed most of the nation, spreading uncontrolled energies across the continent.

In the wake of the devastation that spread out from the gate, the massive influx of negative energy caused by the instantaneous deaths of millions, the first undead came into being on the remnants of the old nation of Din’Garreth.

Old Din’Garreth is ruled by the Dread Lords, roughly a dozen or so extremely powerful undead, and composed mostly of the few original undead remaining in the fifty millenia since the Insurrection. The land itself pulses with negative energy, spontaneously animating anyone killed nearby.

The Dread Lords are currently at war with New Din’Garreth and Luminairre. It is unknown what they hope to gain from the offensive; the minds of fifty-thousand-year old undead cannot possibly be divined by mortal magic.


Old Din'Garreth

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