Ramildar is one of the oldest human nations on Ondoron, dating back to the years after the eldar and giants help free humanity from the tyranny of the Hisskarssi.

Ramildar is one of the two human magocracies on the continent, the other being Larecan. For thousands of generations, the humans here have trained in using the art of war magic. Few outsiders can meet their exacting standards.

All of this is not for naught. They have repelled the Jagdaani twice, the minotaurs of Minosa multiple times, and the fanatical expansionists of Xethis uncountable times in their history.

While they currently lack the resources to get rid of the ‘protection’ of the minotaur armada, it is commonly accepted as a small price to pay to keep from going to war against the full might of Minosa.



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