Rhystall is a beautiful coastal nation with towering white cliffs that jut up from the sea. It is rich in natural resources, arable land, fertile seabed, and orchards of citrus trees. The smell of orange and lemon blossoms fill the air during the spring, and the sea breeze spreads the aroma throughout the land.

Early in Ondoron’s history, Rhystall was renowned for their control of the northern sea, which is now named for the nation. The tyranny of Verith Nuul and the destruction wrought by the Insurrection of Heaven crippled much of Rhystall’s power, however, and by the time they had recovered, they faced powerful competition from Richland, Kordin, and Minosa.

For a long time, Rhystall was a proud ally and trading partner with Palathia. When Palathia fell to Anthony Turalyon, Rhystall withdrew and maintained only a trading and mutual defense relationship.

After Turalyon’s Folly and the subsequent division of Palathia, Rhystall found itself without its most powerful military ally. Kordin took advantage of the opportunity and began an invasion of Rhystall in the year 70,043 A.I. Rhystall found itself caught between Kordin’s forces in the sea and the Jagdaani forces of Tyraloch. Any nation that would have wanted to come to Rhystall’s aid was in no position to do so, unfortunately. In an act of desperation, the King Benedictus VI appealed to Dracnus.

In an surprising move, Dracnus intervened on Rhystall’s behalf with neither demands nor occupation. He successfully negotiated an end to the conflict and Kordin’s subsequent withdrawal relatively bloodlessly, and has left no Jagdaani forces in Rhystall afterwards.

Since then, Rhystall has been one of Dracnus’s most vocal allies against the accusations of the Alliance of Light.

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