Skorin is home to the orc sub-race of the same name, orcs who have been freed from the direct control of the Dark Watchers. It is a lawless land, where anything can be bought and sold for the right price.

Skorin was once a quiet, sacred realm of the Winter Queen. When the orc armies in the northern part of the main continent found themselves abandoned after the sudden end to the Demon Wars, many fled by ship to avoid being pushed into the Blood Plains or destroyed outright. Many ships were lost.

Some, though, survived and landed on the shores of Skorin. The Winter Queen was initially outraged at the audacity of the orcs, but soon found herself won over by their tenacity and savagery. She offered to free them from the Dark Watchers and let them live on Skorin if they honored her with sacrifices and treasure, a deal the orcs were more than happy to accept.

The orcs of Skorin are now best known for terrorizing the western seas, putting even the Vizeri to shame. Piracy remains their primary trade, and their cunning on the seas keeps even Kordin from keeping them contained.



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