This island is geographically divided in half along a rough line running from the southwest of the island to the northeast. The southeastern part of the island is scorching savanna with oases appearing more frequently as you move northwest, till you reach the northern third of the landmass, which is covered in ancient triple-canopy jungle. Much like the Emeraldmist Jungle, there is little to be found in the ancient forest but malaria, stirges, and the Rot. The entire landmass is a plateau, rising above the surrounding ocean by steep, rocky cliffs.

Deep within the jungle lies the Sacred Precinct of Karuum-Za, where the Romdian order of the Thanatoic Guard protects the Gate to the Eternal Plains. It is the ceremonial heart of the faith, and the Patriarch of the Thanatoic Order of Karuum-Za wields considerable influence within the church hierarchy.

Excepting the Romdian Holy Territory, the island itself is the property of the Kordin Imperium. The western cliffs contain the richest diamond mines in the known world, and Kordin has done its best to keep any and all contenders suppressed.

Other than the local wildlife, the only natives to Takur are the various gnoll tribes that wander the savanna. Attempts by the gnolls to prey on the Kordin mining operations have gone poorly, to say the least. Many gnolls now work off their debt to the Imperium in the diamond mines.



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