Theurlow is a nation constantly mobilized for war. They are the last bastion of the royalty of Caridran, now the Caethan Republic.

In the wake of the Lascius/Justice war in which Caridran was pulled into a war against the Luminairre Empire, Caridran found itself falling apart. The combination of high taxes and extravagant nobility in the wake of such a costly war lead to civil unrest. It wasn’t long before the the unrest turned into a full-blown civil war. The Royalists were pushed back to the province of Theurlow. They managed to hold their own there while the new Caethan Republic expanded. Before the Caethanians were able to turn their attention back to the Royalists in Theurlow, Luminairre and Davinguard forced Caethan to stop their war of expansion. The Royalists took advantage of the opportunity to fortify Theurlow against invasion and mobilize their economy.

The church of Dreyarmon has helped the royalty organize orders of knights and cavaliers that are nearly comparable in power and training to the mounted Knights Cavalier of Luminairre. They have been at a nearly constant state of war with the Caethanians for the past 700 years. As such, every man and woman receives military training. Nobles desiring to keep their power must be capable warriors, and commit a certain number of soldiers every year.

The Luminairre Empire, Beldaria, and Davinguard all quietly support Theurlow as a counter to Caethanian nationalism and expansion.



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